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  Small Home Appliances 小家电

Robot Vacuum


KL 310A (美国设计)

$ 249

Regular Price: $399

Special Offer Expires Jan 31. 2015

2nd Generation 第二代


1st Generation 第一代特价 $159

3rd Generation 第三代

特价 $249

  Highlight 特点

Automatically cleans your floor while you enjoy life

Use improved main brush with new " S " screwy shape and wall following sensor. Cleans the floor, under and around furniture and along walls

Anti-fall probes: contained stair avoidance detector to avoid the cleaner fall down from stairs

Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor

Transitions as it cleans carpet, hardwood, linoleum, and tile

Dirt-detect technology, with patented 3-stage cleaning system: easily slide out the bag-less particle bin to discard the dirt that it picked up

Can be controlled by infrared wireless remote controller

The cleaning time and date can be preset

Automatic recharging: If the battery is about to be run out, the cleaner will automatically stop and seek charging base plate for charging

Virtual wall detector: put the virtual wall near the door to clean one room or small area only

Changeable operating speed

Sterilizing with UV lights

ETL certification. One Year Local Service Warranty

  Specification 规格

Ultra thin body design: Diameter 32 cm x High 8.7 cm

Input Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

Rate power: 19W

Ultra low noise(< 50 dB)

Rechargeable Battery: (charging time is about 3-4 h); Battery Capacity: 1500mA

Working time: about 60 - 90 min

Dust box capacity: 350ml

Weight: 3.2 kg

Accessories: Virtual wall unit, Batteries Charger, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Clean brush, Charging base plate, Spoons, Side Brush (2), Filter, Operating Manual, Remote Controller


超静音, 红外杀菌, 自动吸尘, 自动充电, 无须看管, 省心, 省力!




规格:320 x 87 mm (包括轮子高度)


充电电池:(充电时间约3-4 h); 电池容量:1500mA

工作时间:约60 - 90 min




北美ETL 电器认证