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FUJI 欧式挂墙式抽油烟机                                                     新到靓货!

FUJI Wall Mounted Rangehood Euro Style 30”

超强吸力,具备加拿大商业级油烟机吸力标准: CFM 900

超静音 - 单室超静音电机,噪音水平低至43分贝( 1.2 Sone )

高档LED触屏开关(带遥控),四档调速; 2个可调光Halogen灯

外形豪华,1mm厚无缝不锈钢; 不锈钢挡板过滤器 (可洗碗机清洗) 延迟功能,自动关机 (可编程1-60分钟)

规格: 30” x 21” x (27.5” - 42.5”)  or 76 cm长 x 54 cm宽 x (70 cm - 108 cm高)

淨重:30” (23.5 kg)

额定电压:120V ~ 60 Hz


风量(静音/低/中/高):280CFM / 460CFM / 670CFM / 900CFM

噪声(静音/低/中/高):43分贝 / 55分贝 / 63分贝 / 68分贝

电机数量 / 类型:1个单室超静音电机; 风扇类型:离心式鼠笼

排气:6” 圆形风管向上排气





  Description 说明

Powerful 900 CFM performance

Mounting Version: Wall Mounted

Size: 30" (76 cm) 

Telescopic Chimney fits 9 ft ceiling

Material: 19 Gauge High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel

Four speed electronic touch sensitive control panel with blue LED lighting

Two dimmable 35W halogen lights (GU-10 bulbs)

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter (dishwasher-friendly)

Delayed power auto shut off (programmable 1-60minutes)

Single chamber ultra quiet motor with noise level as low as 1.2 sone

6" round duct vent exhaust

Seamless stainless steel brush finish

Credit Card Sized Remote control & Heat Sensitive Auto Speed Function Controls Fan Speed Automatically

ETL certification. One Year Parts Warranty

  Specification 规格

Depth x Width x Height: 30” x 21” x (27.5” - 42.5”)  or 76 cm x 54 cm x (70 cm - 108 cm)

Power Rating: 120V / 60Hz (ETL Certified - USA & Canada standard) 

Weight: 30” (23.5 kg / 52 lb)

Airflow: (Q/L/M/H) 280CFM / 460CFM / 670CFM / 900CFM 

Noise Level: Low Speed: 1.2 sones (43 dB) to Max Speed: 7 sones (68 dB)

Number of Motors: Single Motor

Motor Type: Ultra Quiet Single Chamber Motor

Fan Type: Centrifugal Squirrel Cage

Control Type: Touch Sensitive Electronic Control Panel with LED Display 

Filtration Type: Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters 

Illumination: 35W Maximum, Dual Halogen Intensity 

Venting Size: 6” Round Duct Vent

Interference Protection: Radio Frequency Interference Protected

Fuji Wall Mounted Rangehood 欧式挂墙式抽油烟机

30” (CFM 900)

$ 699

Regular Price: $899

Special Offer Expires Jan 31. 2015

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