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  Small Home Appliances 小家电

  Specification 规格

Capacity: 4L (8 Cup) ; 5L (10 Cup) ; 6L (12 Cup)

Dimensions: 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 33.0cm ; 32cm x 32cm x 33.2cm ; 32cm x 32cm x 36cm

Weight: 4L (5.8kg); 5L (7.5kg) ; 6L (8kg)

Input Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

Rated Power: 4L (800W) ; 5L (900W) ; 6L (1000W)

Working Pressure: Normal 0-70kPa; Maximum 90kPa

Energy Efficient: save average 20% to 45% when compared to rice cookers and slow cookers

Booking Function: 0.5-24 hrs

ETL certification. One Year Local Service Warranty

  Main Features 主要特色

Open-and-Close Lid Safety Device: The appliance will not start pressurizing until the lid is closed and locked properly. The lid cannot be opened if the appliance is filled with pressure

Main-Function: Rice, Brown Rice, Congee. Additional functions: Soup, Bean/Tender, Chicken,Bone, Slow Cook, Rice Wine, Yogurt

Anti-Block Cover: Prevents any food material from blocking the pressure limit valve

Pressure Control Device: The correct pressure level is automatically maintained during the cooking cycle

Pressure Relief Device: When the pressure cooker reaches the maximum allowable pressure, the cooker will automatically start to release pressure under the lid

Pressure Limit Valve: The pressure limit valve will release air automatically when the pressure inside exceeds the preset temperature

#304 Stainless steel material: Enclosure and inner pan, highest quality

Thermostate: The power will automatically shut off when the cooking pot temperature reaches the preset value, or the pressure cooker is heating without any food inside

Thermofuse: The power will be cut off permanently if thermostate failed and maximum safety temperature limit reached

  1. 1.电饭煲,糙米烹饪,压力锅,慢炖,炖盅,蒸锅,酸奶机,米酒制作

  1. 2.独创酸奶,米酒功能. 原汁原味,特别香浓

  1. 3.包含日本进口钢材,优质食品级304不锈钢三层复底内胆,高级陶瓷炖盅和提篮再送日本专利蒸架.

    煮,炖,蒸,隔水煲样样行. 锅中有煲,更方便,更美味!

4. 可任意调节制作时间, 轻轻一按无需看管, 全程自动控制. ETL认证, 十大安全保障

容量:4L (8 Cup) ; 5L (10 Cup) ; 6L (12 Cup)

规格:4L - 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 33.0cm ;

             5L - 32cm x 32cm x 33.2cm ;

             6L - 32cm x 32cm x 36cm

额定电压:120V ~ 60 Hz

额定功率:4L (800W) ; 5L (900W) ; 6L (1000W)

包装重量:4L (5.8kg); 5L (7.5kg) ; 6L (8kg)



雅思特创新一代全能电压力煲                   日本进口钢材!  

4L  $109 Regular Price: $129

5L  $119  Regular Price: $139

6L $129  Regular Price: $149

Special Offer Expires Jan 31. 2015

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高级陶瓷炖盅和不锈钢提篮;煮,炖,蒸,隔水煲样样行. 锅中有煲,更方便,更美味!