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  Small Home Appliances 小家电

  Specification 规格

Diameter: 30 cm

Depth: 1.5 - 3.0 cm

Preheating Time: 4-5 minutes

Input Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

Rated Power: 1200W

ETL certification. One Year Local Service Warranty

  Main Features 主要特色

New voice signal feature!

The suspension structural design of this electric baking pan make it adapt to different thickness of the food

The top plate can not only work with the bottom plate at the same time, but also can be flattened to work separately

Independent temperature control for top and bottom plate

Easy for you to cook more food on both top and bottom plates. Good for big family

Intelligent programs on the bottom plate: No need to judge cooking time based on experience, the programs will control the timing and temperature

8 Functions: barbecue (meat, sausage, kebab), popcorn, peanuts, bake pie, tortillas, fry fish, grill prawns etc


  1. 1)煎蛋/薄饼;2) 鸡蛋饼/煎饼;3) 大饼/馅饼;4) 肉饼/锅贴;5) 爆米花/花生;6)烤鱼/烤虾;7) 烤鸡翅/肉串;8) 烤肉

最新语音提示功能, 食物完成会有语音提示,八段时间提醒,现代厨房管家!


不粘不糊, 不用翻;3–5分钟快速完成香喷喷




烤盘深度:1.5 - 3cm


额定电压:120V ~ 60 Hz


Electric Baking Pan

利仁2013时尚型电饼铛 310D - (30cm)

$ 99

Regular Price: $119

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